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Educational Value 80points
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Graphics 70points
Violance & Scariness 10points
Consumerism 5$points
Sexy Stuff 0points
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking 0points

In BUBUK Game, kids and parents can create an individualized storybook they can view free of charge on the device or purchase as a difficult duplicate. There’s one tale designed for users in America: A dinosaur gets a thorn in his foot, then a competition car-driving friend provides dinosaur a trip to an area veterinarian, and the thorn is removed by the vet. İn the meantime, the three heroes watch a solar eclipse and the dinosaur explains how eclipses work.

Bubuk Game Interface

When you launch the app, kids and parents can enter their child’s name and choose their role in the story: They could be the physician, the driver, or the dinosaur. Then, they can pick each character’s gender and choose an appearance in one of four options. Users can also customize the name of the town where in fact the action occurs plus they can enter a custom commitment for the reserve. After making these choices, you can read the whole story from the perspective of the type you selected. All three tales conclude with the same positive message that friends help each other. The app comes in Italian, British, French, Spanish, and German, and users can buy a custom version of the storybook that has the options you selected in the app.

Bubuk Game Features

It’s cool that kids may take on and customize different personas, however the interactive features and the story’s message (“companionship is teamwork”) feel just a little thin. Apart from changing the people’ brands, genders, and appearances, there’s very little customization available, and interactivity is quite limited: Simply clicking individuals and items makes them bob briefly or say “wow,” but there’s very little to do apart from using the arrows to go to another page. There is not an option to really have the text message read out loud in Bubuk, and the limited interactive features might get this to a much better fit for the preschool established than for kids up to age group 8. That said, using this application for free can be an amusing option. It’s a sweet story, and maybe it’s a means for parents and kids to speak about how exactly the same tale can find out from many perspectives.

Family View

Families can chat about how Bubuk enables you to start to see the same story from the factors of view of 3 different characters. So how exactly does this noticeable change how you browse the tale? Exactly why is it interesting to take into account the whole story from another perspective?

Bubuk Game General Comment

The story’s main message is, “Companionship is teamwork. If everyone pitches in, we can help each other.” Do you consider that’s what a friendly relationship is focused on? Talk about how exactly friends can help one another.

Bubuk Game Review
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